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This blog used to be written by Tara, cat and author of Cats in Charge: A Guide to the Training and Education of Humans. She is also a leading character in Big Dragons Don't Cry, Book One of A Dragon's Guide to Destiny and in its sequels.

Once Tara realized that the rewards of writing a blot didn't include treats or catnip, she assigned the job to me, human and nominal writer of her books.

However, she has final approval of all posts, and she advises you to visit often. The advice you'll read here can land you in a field of catnip if you follow it.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hiding from Fireworks

This week I'm not making my usual post because of everycat's least favorite holiday: The Fourth of July. Here is how I describe it in my book, Cats in Charge: A Guide to the Training and Education of Humans:

"The main attraction of this holiday for a cat involves barbecues, where a variety of interesting meats are cooked. If you are an outdoor cat, I recommend frequenting the eating area. The same practice will serve you well on Memorial Day and Labor Day or any summer weekend during which humans return to their primitive roots and discover fire.

The Fourth of July, however, has a significant drawback: fireworks. These are colorful and very loud explosives that humans seem to enjoy. Cats do not. As day turns into night, retreat into a closet or beneath a bed and cover your ears."

Cats be forewarned, especially new kittens, who haven't yet experienced this disturbing holiday. Humans, if you live with cats who go outside, do them and yourselves a favor by keeping them in.

And now I'm going off to hide.

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  1. I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!