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This blog used to be written by Tara, cat and author of Cats in Charge: A Guide to the Training and Education of Humans. She is also a leading character in Big Dragons Don't Cry, Book One of A Dragon's Guide to Destiny and in its sequels.

Once Tara realized that the rewards of writing a blot didn't include treats or catnip, she assigned the job to me, human and nominal writer of her books.

However, she has final approval of all posts, and she advises you to visit often. The advice you'll read here can land you in a field of catnip if you follow it.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cats and Water Do Not Mix

I'm headed for a safe space under the couch or possibly in a closet for the next undetermined period. My human scribe informs me that, type as she may, electricity is needed to convey a message to my readers. Science is not my strong point.

I have learned that many shelters from the storm that take humans will not take their pets. Cats, this is discrimination. In addition, our humans need us to calm and comfort them. They just don't understand weather like we do. Take action.

Cat(ch) you when things calm down.

Stay dry,

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